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Sotae (State Of The Art Electric) specializes in providing our clients with energy efficient solutions, which reduces their energy consumption and therefore cost, while improving the output quality and life expectancy of their lighting. We focus primarily on lighting, due to the fact that 70% of an average business’ electric bill is to pay for lighting. We start with an electrical audit, which is a term that describes the process of finding the best way for a client to reduce their electrical energy costs. Many facets of life, these days, are filled with corruption and greed, and the energy conservation business is no exception. I noticed recently, the US federal government gave 16 million dollars to a utility company in the Midwest, and the entire amount was spent doing electrical energy audits, while we do them for free, as a normal process of our business. The result was that the utility wasted most of that money with only small savings in electrical energy usage. It saddens us to see situations like this, as well as the government investing over $500 million on technologies to create cheaper energy such as the recent Solyndra fiasco, when we were aware of the problems with that technology much earlier. We just wanted to say, “Why didn’t they simply ask us”. After reading about the process, I have little doubt that both the company and the US government felt that it was a good gamble, though we knew better.

Sotae has retrofitted over 8000 businesses across the country in the past 7 years, and we are growing at an accelerating rate, due to the structure of our business, where we give the same or better quality of work than any other electrical energy conservation company, and at a lower cost. Typically we will reduce the energy usage, to between one third and two-thirds the charge of any other competitor. In fact we are able to do the work for less than the clients can even do it themselves. In many locations around the US, we can do the usage reductions at absolutely no cost to the customer, and in some cases can actually get pocket money for the client, above the cost, due to all of the state, federal, and utility subsidies. This does depend on the area of the country and the utility company. Many utility companies charge all of their customers a few cents per kilowatt consumed on their bill to pay for these programs, so that it is no cost to the retrofit client or the utility company. In rare cases where all costs are not covered we are set up to provide loans for any portion of the retrofit not paid by state, federal, or the utilities. These loans can actually be set up to pay the entire cost of the retrofit, and any rebate incentive from the utility company can be sent to the client to be used for anything they desire, such as expanding their business. These loans are at a low interest, and I have yet to see any ROI (payback period) go over two years. In all cases the electric bill savings pays for the whole retrofit. The bottom line is that our customers always save money. We have had ROIs as quick at 2 months in some situations, though the average is approx. 6 to 9 months, unlike the 5 to 7 years for LED lighting, or the 8 to 10 and sometimes 12 years for solar panel installations. Basically it is insane not to do this.

Another factor to consider is the fact that the manufacture of the older technologies is being phased out, and as they are phased out businesses will not even be able to get the common T12 lamps that are still being used in over 60% of the businesses around the US. We have already seen the cost of these lamps double and triple in recent months, as they are phased out. We are one of the largest retrofitter businesses in the US, if not the largest, having connections all over the globe, and even we are even having a hard time getting items such as eight-foot lamps. So we have engineered a technology to convert those fixtures to combinations of the new T8 four-foot lamps.

At our branch in Columbus, OH, we recently received a monetary reward and a certificate from the utility company as thanks for drastically reducing the energy usage for their customers. It seems that Sotae was the number one retrofitter for their customers during the year 2011, including all of Columbus, Lima, and surrounding areas. 2011 was also the first year where we were not a leader in the energy consumption reduction for the city of San Diego. It seems that, due to our efforts and the efforts of others for the past 7 years, the electricity energy usage for the city of San Diego has been reduced to such extent that over 95% of the city has drastically reduced their energy consumption. It is interesting that some utilities like to hide the information on how well their retrofitters are doing, and San Diego Gas and Electric is one such utility. At one time I mentioned to the electric utility rep that it was obvious to me that we were the number one retrofitter for the whole city and surrounding area, at that time. When they asked me how I knew, I reminded them that the utility authorization numbers were sequential, and that two out of every three numbers were our jobs 🙂

Needless to say, Sotae LLC can give you better lighting, cut your ongoing lighting cost in half, and in some instances at little or NO OUT OF POCKET COST!

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